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How To Manage Your Audience in Stemsend

By David on November 18, 2019

When you use Stemsend for CRM, it’s easier to make sense of your data and focus on what’s important. Your audience data is paramount in your journey to ongoing success in any industry. You must learn what excites your audience so that they remain patrons of your company. With each purchase from your company, each […]

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An Overview of A/B Testing & Why You Should Be Doing It

By David on November 16, 2019

If you’re not A/B testing yet you should be, because you’re leaving money on the table. How do you make good business decisions–do we take guesses and settle for good enough? Nope, we get the data and A/B testing is how we do it. What Is An A/B Test? A/B Testing (also called split-testing) is […]

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The Many Benefits of Lead Scoring

By David on November 15, 2019

Your company’s revenue is ultimately decided by the number of leads generated–and converted to sales. Traditionally when leads are generated they are then passed along to the sales team where calls are made, emails are sent, etc. However, many of those leads simply aren’t ready to buy yet. Enter Lead scoring. What is Lead Scoring? […]

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